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Sleep Study

In cases of severe snoring, especially if it is associated with day sleepiness, a sleep study is indicated.

The purpose of the sleep study is to identify the cases of sleep apnoea, in order to allow early treatment and avoidance of possible complications.

Our staff will welcome you at the office the evening of the test and will escort you to your room. When you will have made yourself comfortable, the special electrodes will be fitted at the appropriate positions on your body. The device recods various parameters during your sleep, such as the depth of sleep, intensity of snoring, heart beat, electrocardiogram, oxygen saturation of the blood, movements of the thorax, etc. When you wake up in the morning, the test will be completed, and the recording will be analysed and evaluated by our Chest physician.

Preparation for a Sleep Study:

On the day of the sleep study we would suggest that you do not drink coffee, tea or other drinks containing caffeine. Also, avoid afternoon or evening naps, alcohol and heavy meals that could interfere with the quality of your sleep.

You can bring with you your own sleepwear, pillows, and any item that will make your sleep easy and comfortable.

If you work nights, special arrangements can be made for you to do the test during the day.

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