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Examination of the ears under the Microscope

Μικροχειρουργική του αυτιού. Το χειρουργικό μικροσκόπιο είναι τυλιγμένο με αποστειρωμένο πλαστικό κάλυμα.
Microsurgery of the ear. The operating microscope is draped with sterile plastic cover.

The microscope allows examination of the ear under magnification. So, minute lesions, not visible with the naked eye or the portable traditional otoscope, are revealed, and our diagnostic accuracy is greatly increased. We can follow-up the operated ear efficiently, and we can also watch the course of pathologic conditions, such as the glue ear in children and external otitis.

With the help of the microscope, we can perform in the clinic minor operations, such as the myringotomy (micro-puncture of the ear drum) and the placement of ventilation tubes (grommets).

Last but not least, we can remove the wax from the ear canals, to clean the ears, quickly, efficiently and safely.

The microscope we use in the office is similar to the one used in the operating theatre, for microsurgery of the ear (image).

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