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Evaluation of ear function (Tympanometry and Acoustic Reflexes)

Τυμπανόγραμμα. Η καμπύλη του δεξιού αυτιού (άνω)είναι φυσιολογική. Η παθολογική καμπύλη του αριστερού αυτιού (κάτω) υποδηλώνει ύπαρξη υγρού στην κοιλότητα πίσω απο το τύμπανο.
Tympanogram. The curve of the right ear is normal. The abnormal curve of the left ear denotes the presence of fluid behind the eardrum.

Mobility of the eardrum, ventilation of the middle ear cavity and functionality of the neural connections related with ear function, are examined with tympanometry and acoustic reflexes. A small probe is placed in the earcanal in an airtight fashion, and the device alters the air pressure inside the ear canal, while plotting the reflection of sound by the eardrum. Then, the muscle contractions inside the ear triggered by sounds (acoustic reflexes) are plotted.

The main advantage of this test is that it does not require co-operation of the patient, and therefore can be performed in small children or infants.

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