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Nasal Septal Surgery without pain?

Most nasal operations, including septal surgery (Septoplasty), have a bad reputation, as being painful. This often discourages people from having their surgery, even when they really need it.

Pain after nasal surgery typically is not due to the operation itself, but is caused by the nasal packs, which are traditionally inserted inside the operated nose and are left there for one to four days. Packs irritate the sensitive nasal lining and cause pain, discomfort and swelling inside and around the nose. The removal of the packs is also painful. Nasal packs are used mainly for two reasons: To protect from possible postoperative bleeding, and to press all elements of the operated septum against each other, helping them to adhere in the midline

At Athens Rhinology Centre, we do not use packs after nasal operations, including septoplasty. In this simple way, we have eliminated pain after these procedures.

Instead of packing, we apply alternative, safer methods for the same tasks: We avoid postoperative bleeding by meticulous haemostasis. We spend time, after the completion of the main procedure, to carefully cauterize possible bleeders. For the second objective, we place an absorbable suture, in  a “through-and-through” mattress mode, to hold all elements of the septum together, eliminating the need for external pressure by packs. The stitch is absorbed after a few days and does not need to be removed by the doctor.

With this technique, there is no postoperative pain. Very few patients need to take a simple painkiller, even on the day of surgery. Of course, the operated nose can be mildly blocked, as in common cold, for a few days, usually no more than 5. The improvement of the nasal breathing is obvious to the patient, usually immediately after recovery from the anaesthetic. Most patients describe the whole experience as much easier than expected, and they regret they had not done it earlier.

Ενδοσκοπική εικόνα υπό μεγέθυνση, στο τέλος της επέμβασης του ρινικού διαφράγματος. Φαίνεται το απορροφήσιμο ράμμα, που συγκρατεί τα φύλλα του διαφράγματος. Έτσι, δεν χρειάζεται να τοποθετηθούν γάζες. Ο ασθενής αναπνέει από τη μύτη αμέσως μόλις ξυπνήσει από την αναισθησία και δεν υπάρχει καθόλου μετεγχειρητικός πόνος ή πρήξιμο.
Endoscopic picture under magnification, at the end of a septoplasty operation. The absorbable suture can be clearly seen (arrows), holding the two mucosal flaps together. With this technique, nasal packs do not need to be inserted. The patient can breathe through the nose immediately after the operation and there is minimal or no pain or swelling.
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