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Otoplasty (correction of prominent ears)

Prominent ears can be corrected with a painless operation, in adults or children over 5 years old.

If the cartilage of the ear does not develop normally, disfigurements can occur, such as prominent ears. Although these cartilaginous anomalies do not cause any functional problems, they may have a bad psychological impact, especially in children.

The disfigurement of the pinna is due to incomplete development of a crease in the cartilage, which is called antihelix (arrow). During the operation, via an incision behind the ear, the cartilage is incised, shaped and secured, so the missing crease is created, pulling the pinna to its normal position.

After the age of 5, the development of the pinna has completed, and surgical intervention is allowed. It is generally recommended that surgical correction is done as soon as possible, in order to avoid possible problems of the child at school. Through an incision behind the ear, the cartilage is incised, shaped and secured in place with stitches. The result is immediately evident and permanent. The patient can be discharged home on the same or next day.

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