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Voice evaluation and Phoniatric Examination

Voice disorders in voice professionals (singers, actors, lawyers, teachers, etc) is much more than just a health problem. A dysfunction of the larynx is damage to their professional tool, and may affect their professional performance, and even force them to refrain from work until the problem is solved. In these cases, the simple Ear, Nose, and Throat Examination is not enough, and a Phoniatric Examination is needed.

Phoniatric Examination includes:

  • General ENT examination, medical history and voice history.
  • Endoscopy and stroboscopy of the larynx.
  • Voice Profile: Voice measurements with specialized software (see images), during which several parameters are calculated (phonation time, voice range on the piano keyboard, intensity, jitter, shimmer, dysphonia index, etc)
  • Spech Therapy evaluation by our Speech therapist.
Καταγραφή του εύρους της φωνής (φωνητική κλίμακα).
Projection of the voice range on the piano keyboard is particularly useful for singers and other public performers.
Μελέτη κυματομορφής και παραμέτρων φωνής
Study of the waveform and various parameters of voice
Προφίλ φωνής. Καταγράφονται όλες οι σημαντικές παράμετροι για την εκτίμηση των φωνολογικών διαταραχών, αλλά και για την παρακολούθηση της εξέλιξης της θεραπείας.
Voice profile. All important parameters are calculated and used by the phoniatric team for both the diagnostic evaluation and the follow-up

In co-operation with our speech therapist, we provide integrated therapeutic solutions, with the medical and/or speech therapy interventions needed, for the modern treatment of the diagnosed disorder, but also for the enhancement of the voice capabilities of the patient.

Speech Therapy after Microsurgery of the larynx

Most benign diseases of the larynx are associated with improper use of the voice. Therefore, it is very important for us to identify the bad practices in phonation and to educate the patient, in order to achieve a good long-term result and avoid recurrence after surgery.

During the pre-operative evaluation, we record a voice sample in digital form, which is analysed by special sofware (see image). After the operation, when the completion of the healing is confirmed by endoscopy, a full phonologic analysis is performed. Pre- and post-operative voice samples are compared, and the abnormal elements, which contributed to the disease, are identified. The procedure is completed with a consulation with our speech therapist, who evaluates the results of the measurements and suggests the therapeutic and educatitive procedures needed.

Pre-operative voice analysis.
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